Our Story

Protik Trade International is one of the many subsidiary companies under Protik Group. It was founded in 2009 with the aim to expand the Group into international relations. The company has been very successful in realizing several connections. Staying true to Protik’s brand, Protik Trade International aims to provide only the best quality goods and services. We are enlisted as a supplier of DGDP and have already built harmonious relationships with foreign companies in supplying equipment and materials to Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB), Directorate General of Defense Purchase (DGDP), and Coast Guard.

Philosophy and Vision

Protik Trade International believes in creating a symbiotic relationship between contracting parties. Communication, understanding, and reliability are the pillars upon which is this company is built and have aided to propel Protik Trade to prosperity. We take an initiative to satisfy the clientele and form a dynamic and harmonious business collaboration. Our undeterred determination in providing quality goods and maintaining efficiency is what makes us a capable trading company.

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