Our Story

In 2016, Protik Group turned to the unifying aspect of food. As well as being essential for our being, food brings people together. Protik Food & Allied Ltd. wants to bring this happiness directly to the table of its customers. Still relatively new, Protik Food & Allied Ltd. was quick to jump into the market, much like its peers. It held nothing back to provide the best and most wholesome ingredients, and to offer a wide variety of options. It bravely conquered all types of food and did not limit itself to certain products. We are continuously working on the expansion of our product line. The concern has successfully spread out nationally and is working towards global outreach. With one bite you are sure to be mesmerized by our products.

Philosophy and Vision

Protik Group yearned to be part of consumers’ lives in a more vital, personable way. And what better way to do that than with food? Thus, Protik Food and Allied Ltd was born.

Since 2016, Protik Food and Allied Ltd has been solely invested in producing high-quality goods to appeal to consumer taste` buds. These goods range from remarkable noodles to delicious biscuits, from indulgent chocolate to refreshing drinks, ever increasing its product line with every passing day. Protik Foods have successfully spread to every corner of the country and are now currently working towards a more international outreach. Just one bite, and customers will be persuaded to keep returning for more Protik Foods and be consistently mesmerized by its taste and superior quality.


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